In the leading world of technology .. one cannot stand idly by .. that's what we offer a wide array of cutting edge dental technology that serves to make your dental visit not only comfortable .. but very cool and quick as well.

Installment Programs up to 36 months

Not only can you pay through all major credit cards so you don't need to carry cash, but also - and For the first time in Egypt- you can now pay all your dues through our 6 months installment plans in association with QNB & CIB bank. You no longer have to worry about a huge bulk of money being paid upfront.

And if you don't own a Visa, No Worries, we got you covered. Pay in installments up to 36 months through our association with Bok Doc, A company specialized in facilitating medical procedures and installments. To learn more, visit their website HERE.

Get treated now, PAY LATER.

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QNB Installment program

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

The newest technology in modern cosmetic dentistry .. DSD allows you to see what your teeth would look like even before we get started. It also allows the laboratory to create a beautiful and natural smile according to very specific and accurate measurements.

Digital X-Ray

Instant viewing of xrays without the errors of processing, in addition to free image manipulation and a lower dose combine to make digital xrays far superior.

Care Plans and Reminders

We know how busy you are so an SMS message will be sent to you every time you have an appointment with us, as well as every few months to remind you of your check-up. You don’t have to worry about forgetting your Appointment anymore.

In addition, After each procedure, a series of SMS messages will be sent to you, with advice on how to deal with the new filling, crown implant or denture, so as to make them last a lifetime.

Loyalty Program

We appreciate the value of Loyalty, Which is why we offer our most loyal customers who have been with us for over a year a "frequent Flyer Card" Where you get a 500 EGP discount every 3 visits .. No restrictions .. No Hidden Motives!!

All we want is to show our appreciation, So thank you for being our loyal Customer

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