Commonly known as braces, Orthodontics is the art and science of teeth alignment. Orthodontists use a system of wires, braces and elastics to move the teeth to where they should be. Over the years, the art of orthodontics has evolved quite a lot, introducing the new ceramic braces, which are all but invisible, and the all new invisalign technology.

Many people are seeking orthodontic treatment nowadays, but most people - especially adults - would refuse the idea of a mouth full of braces.

so we present ... the INVISALIGN technology.

This produces similar results in an equal amount of time .. only with nothing attached to the teeth, and you can remove them whenever you desire

Metal Braces

Ceramic Braces

The evolution of conventional metal braces to ceramic (or Invisible ) braces has taken quite a lot of time.

Now you can have the same results and without the unsightly appearance of "metal mouth" .


Who Says Braces have to Be Embarrassing anymore ?!

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