Clinsurance Programs

While most clinics tend to take advantage of your illness, we try to make sure you get as much as possible value for your money.

That is why we devised our in-house clinical insurance programs, so you don't have to worry about financial issues anymore.

Just have your beautiful smile .. and get discounts and offers all year round.

Our Plans start at only 250 EGP per year

Basic Plan

(250 EGP per Year)

Ideal for people who don’t have many problems with their teeth, and take good care of their oral and dental hygiene, making the need of our services minimal.


What this Plan offers:

1.Free Diagnosis throughout the year.

2.Free Scaling and Polishing once a year.

3.20% off each tooth colored filling.

4.25% off each tooth extraction

5.10% off each root canal treatment.

Standard Plan

(500 EGP per Year)

For people who need above average dental treatment, up to and including indirect restorations requiring laboratory intervention, such as dental crowns and bridges, as well as dentures.

What this plan offers:

The same as the basic plan, in addition to:

1.10% off posts and core.

2.15% off dentures and removable restorations.

3.15% off metal crowns and bridges.

4.10% off Zirconium crowns and bridges.

5.10 % off Dental Veneers.

Premium Plan

(1000 EGP per Year)

An All-inclusive plan, that gives you discounts on everything related to dentistry, including advanced treatments such as implants, braces and even teeth whitening.



What this Plan offers:

The same as the previous two plans, in addition to:

1.500 EGP off teeth whitening.

2.500 EGP off each dental implant.

3.500 EGP off removable Hollywood Smile.

4.1000 EGP off orthodontic treatment (braces).

Family Plans

(1500- 2000 EGP per Year)

These give you the same benefits as the personal insurance plans, but for your entire immediate family (Husband, Wife and Children), making these extremely beneficial for families of more than 2 or 3 people.


Standard Family Plan

(1500 EGP Per year)

This plan gives you all the benefits of the standard personal plan for your entire family.


Premium Family Plan

(2000 EGP Per year)

This Plan gives you all the benefits of the premium personal plan for the entire family.

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