Bachelors Degree 

With Honors


Membership of the

American Academy

of Cosmetic Dentistry


Fellowship of the

Royal College of Surgeons

of Edinburgh


Membership of the

International Congress 

Of Oral Implantologists


Meet Dr. Mohamed Tarek Galal

10 Years of Experience

Diploma of

Oral Surgery


Our Mission at

Confidental Clinic

The World Always looks Better from behind a smile , our target is to provide you with smile that gives you the confidence to face your daily life with those shiny pearly whites .

Most people won't notice if your skin is a little dark , or your clothes are a little worn , but almost everybody notices when your teeth are not as they should be , whether missing , broken or chipped , or even if they are a little stained and un-shiny.

That is why a visit to the dentist every few months is not only advised , but very much necessary.

Our team of experts can help you achieve the smile you've always dreamed about , whether you need a simple filling , tooth replacement , whitening and even braces , confidental clinic is definitely your destination. In addition , our clinic provides all these services under one roof , so you don't need to go anywhere else to fix your teeth. Our cosy environment and relaxing atmosphere will help you feel right at home , eliminating all the fear and anxiety that is associated with a dental visit.

Visit us at Confidental Clinic , and ask for the smile you deserve now .

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