Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is by far the leading request of patients nowadays. Most people don't really care about the pain in their teeth or the efficiency of their eating, but they definitely care about their smile. We offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures, all designed to give you that perfect smile that you desire


Let's face it .. everybody wants whiter teeth.

The simplest procedure to do so is teeth whitening .. only one visit .. with no pain and very reliable results.

Don't forget to ask about our whitening offer, where you get 50% discount for the second session if you bring your loved ones with you !!


Snap-On Hollywood Smile

Commonly known as the "Hollywood Smile" , the Snap-On smile removable veneers are the latest in cosmetic dentistry.

These fit your teeth like a glove .. No pain .. No shots .. No harm done to the teeth, and you can place and remove them at will. 

They not only give you a beautiful aligned smile, but you can also choose the white color that you so much desire.



Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored (also known as Composite) fillings have been around for a long term, and they are considered the gold standard of modern fillings. 

With the advances in technology and digital dentistry, these have evolved a great deal, and placing a filling is no longer a routine procedure .. its an ART.



Veneers are the epitome of cosmetic dentistry. These are thin shells made of composite or porcelain that cover only the outer surface of the teeth and require only a small 0.5 mm removed from the tooth. These correct the color, the shape and the alignment all at once.


A Clear SMILE can open Doors

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